Improve user-driven factors to boost app ranking on App Store and Play Store

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February 16, 2022, 2:34 AM GMT+0

MobileAction and SEMrush highlight best practices to optimise apps and enhance their ranking.

When it comes to app developers, Apple’s App Store has a diverse environment, compared to Google’s Play Store which has fewer competitors. On both iOS and Android platforms, users search for apps using brand names, while the number of reviews can directly impact rankings.

On Play Store, an app gets an average of 267K reviews, whereas, on App Store, an app gets 31.7K reviews. App's name/titles, keywords, subtitles, and more can impact the app’s ranking on both App Store and Play Store, according to most App Store Optimisation (ASO) specialists.

To optimise apps consider user-driven factors like ratings, comments and more, as well as representation factors like subtitles, description, and icons. Account for technical and branding factors like the app size and monetisation models to drive visibility.

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