Prioritise customer service, take note of feedback to retain customers

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February 16, 2022, 4:58 AM GMT+0

Customer retention strategies like prioritising customer service and relying on text-messaging campaigns can help brands increase their average customer life cycle.

Apart from leveraging customer data and examining marketing tools, brands must ensure they prioritise customer service. Businesses must focus on providing consistent, high-quality customer service across multiple channels. Loyalty and reward programmes that include points, discounts, cashback, and other perks encourage customers to purchase more from the brand.

Marketers can also opt for SMS marketing campaigns to offer discounts to customers and communicate directly with them. Customer testimonials and complaints can help brands understand how they can improve their offerings.

Brands should implement such customer feedback in the business process to improve their products and show audiences that their opinion is valued. Similarly, they should use metrics like repeat purchase rate and returning visitor rate to effectively evaluate their retention marketing efforts.

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