Create direct, causal and authentic content to lure Gen Z customers

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February 18, 2022, 3:53 AM GMT+0

With 24% of Gen Z consumers believing successful brands of the future will be authentic, publishers must pay more attention to establishing authenticity.

A study found that 52% of Gen Zs avoid ads at all, more than any other generation. But, these young consumers use smartphones, enjoys using TikTok, and is used to influencers, sponsored content and native advertising. In fact, Gen Zs are more likely than their older peers to make purchases when ads interest them.

While 35% of Gen Z dislikes ads, they are okay with native ads like sponsored content. Moreover, this generation makes frequent purchases based on ads. These insights indicate that though Gen Z consumers avoid adverts, there are areas of opportunity like native ads that brands can leverage to reach these audiences.

Around 41% of Gen Zs use TikTok to obtain news and information. TikTok’s popularity is driven by videos made by amateurs, whose direct and authentic style appeals to Gen Zs. Using this sentiment and creating content that is direct, casual, under-produced and personality-led, can help publishers effectively reach their target audiences.

When it comes to content formats, creating vertical videos can help publishers make their content optimised for smartphone screens. With most Gen Z customers using smartphones, offering virtual video inventory also appeals to brands. So, publishers looking to build long-term stability and brand partnerships, must build a more robust acquisition strategy that includes more Gen Z-friendly content and more scalable sponsored advertising.

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