Explore paid media opportunities through podcasts, TV and radio

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February 18, 2022, 12:24 PM GMT+0

Be strategic in picking the paid media opportunities that a company comes across.

With earned media coverage getting harder to secure, marketers must look at the strategic use of paid media opportunities. Consider promoting brand offerings through sponsored segments on TV. This gives a brand greater control over the segment and how its product or service is showcased.

If a marketer wishes to reach audiences through podcasts, creating a specific campaign for the channel or creating a sponsored episode for a podcast are some options available. Similarly, for radio, reach out to relevant stations to evaluate how best a partnership can be formed.

Working with a radio station a brand already is an advertiser on is a good idea. When aiming to reach audiences through text, print or digital, ensure the content is marked as branded content or as an advertorial.   

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