Manage multiple brand accounts with social media proxies

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February 21, 2022, 9:02 AM GMT+0

These proxies can also help boost brand awareness and engagement.

Brands looking to grow on social media should be aware of social media proxies, like data centers, residential, and mobile proxies. Dedicated private residential and mobile proxies, assigned by an internet service provider (ISP), are reliable and trustworthy for social media networks.

However, marketers must avoid using data center proxies, as these include remote servers that mask IP addresses, making them untrustworthy for social accounts. Companies can use proxies and implement automation tools to comment, like and share on the main account and boost visibility.

Proxy are used by PR and social media agencies to manage their clients' many social media profiles. Using a virtual private server and a dedicated tool to segregate account information can help brands manage many social accounts, across time zones. Companies can also leverage proxies to conduct market research.

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