Understand customer expectations, reduce hold time to boost user satisfaction

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February 21, 2022, 3:30 AM GMT+0

Businesses must train their agents, use solutions like chatbots and FAQs to ensure customer issues are resolved at their first contact.

Customer satisfaction or CSAT is a vital parameter that brands can focus on to understand how satisfied a customer is after interacting with the company, at one or more touchpoints. Such touchpoints can be spread across locations like contact centres, chatbots, websites and social media.

To boost the CSAT score, brands must first understand what consumers expect from the business. A deep understanding of customer expectations can help brands create a knowledge management framework, identify visible gaps in the CX and maximise their CSAT.

Offering solutions like FAQs and visual guides can further help businesses reduce the hold time for customers and resolve issues at the first point-contact itself. At the same time, businesses must ensure the agents in their contact center are motivated and trained enough to handle complicated consumer queries efficiently.

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