Address genuine complaints while avoiding abuse from consumers

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February 22, 2022, 8:47 AM GMT+0

Choosing silence as a response to online trolls and bullies is recommended.

Businesses must have a brand protection strategy in place to manage difficult consumers that can damage the brand reputation. Systems like customer relationship management (CRM) can help brands become more attentive and careful while dealing with consumers whose intentions may be unclear.

Companies can also use compliance software to properly assess customers angling for undue financial gain before doing business with them. Use multiple communication channels, like chat widgets, phone calls and more to remain accessible to customers, collect listening data and respond to customer complaints.

While brands must apologise to dissatisfied customers to respect their feelings and address inconveniences, they must ensure not to take up any abuse from them. Respond to legitimate consumer complaints especially when social media complaints gain traction to lower the damage.

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