Align marketing goals and strategies to build an effective martech stack

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February 22, 2022, 7:43 AM GMT+0

Ensure the marketing team's needs are taken into account while building a martech stack.

Martech stacks can include tools for SEO, design, personalisation, analytics, and more. These tools can help marketers conduct research, create content, collaborate, enhance user experience, and assist in executing other marketing tasks. Google Search Console, Google Workspace, Ahrefs, Grammarly, WordPress and more are some of the popular martech stack tools.

To build an effective martech stack, brands must establish their marketing goals and strategies and align them with their existing martech stack. For example, an SEO tool can help drive website traffic. Set a budget for the martech stack and prioritise software that is most important to the business and meets the brand's marketing objectives.

Gather recommendations from peers in the same niche through sites like LinkedIn, evaluate competitor solutions and assess review platforms to find the ideal tools for the martech stack. Create a list of all martech tools and share it with the CEO or CFO, export data from old tools and get vendor help to set up the tools. Marketers must allot time to learn how to use the new tools optimally.

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