Collect keyword data from semantic competitors to enhance SEO

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February 22, 2022, 12:33 PM GMT+0

Assess competitor content on social media and interact with prospects to boost SEO keyword research.

Conducting competitive analysis can help brands enhance SEO keyword research and marketing. Gather insights by assessing direct competitors that sell the same product, as well as indirect competitors that sell comparable products to different prospects and markets.

Marketers can leverage strategic marketing tactics from indirect competitors to optimise campaigns. Analyse content strategies from semantic competitors, like publications in the niche, to stay up-to-date on content and product trends.

Manual SERP searches with relevant terms can help gather keyword and content data from organic rankings, paid ads, and snippets. While marketers can implement similar strategies as competitors, they should ensure their content is relevant and unique. Leverage features like “near me” on SERP, optimise Google My Business profile and use links and mentions to boost content efforts.

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