Craft a content workflow to speed up content approval internally or from clients

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February 22, 2022, 3:02 AM GMT+0

Work together with all the stakeholders from the start to ensure buy-ins and accelerate content approval.

Marketers seeking to get their content approved should create a content approval plan. Identify factors such as where the content is in the approval stage, who is in charge of the next steps, and more, as well as create standardised and efficient content workflows.

This ensures more relevant and consistent content is sent to those who approve it. Include the names of the writers, positions, contact info, and more in the content workflows to delegate pieces, and provide deadlines.

Brands must ensure only a small number of people are involved in the content production and review process, and that they collaborate closely. Demonstrate and communicate the value of content and highlight goals and KIPs to optimise the content approval process.

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