Having social governance protocols in place can mitigate risks like data leaks

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February 22, 2022, 2:02 AM GMT+0

Enhance social governance by assessing risks from third-party apps that are connected with the main account.

Having protocols and procedures in place can help brands effectively govern their social campaigns, and centrally manage social media accounts. Companies must consider the likelihood of their social media accounts getting hacked, as well as the potential reputational damages.

Implementing relevant tools and processes can help minimise human risks like unintentional data leaks from employees and protect a brand’s image. Companies that use social media to support consumers and communicate must be aware of the potential lawsuits and legal risks involved.

Brands should ensure their social campaigns and content comply with different regulatory bodies, governments and frameworks. Protecting account passwords with a management tool and using two-factor authentication can help businesses monitor logins and avoid security risks.

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