Rely on long-form content, videos, infographics to boost engagement on LinkedIn

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February 23, 2022, 1:26 AM GMT+0

Brands must use images, videos and infographics in their LinkedIn content to gather more comments and shares from LinkedIn audiences.

Among all B2B websites, more than half of all social media-related clicks are from LinkedIn. This number indicates that a significant share of B2B buyers uses the professional network to look for product or service-related informations. To create engaging LinkedIn-friendly content, brands must first ensure they link their websites in LinkedIn posts.

Adding relevant links to their content can make the LinkedIn content seem more valuable. Including a link in the brand content can help boost engagement by 200%. Similarly, 98% of content that includes images gets commented on more often, compared to the content that does not have any visuals.

Including graphs, illustrations or infographics in LinkedIn posts enable audiences to reuse the content for presentations. Such pieces can also help brands inexpensively enhance their social media marketing strategies. Marketers can even consider using LinkedIn video content to increase engagement.

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