Edit or remove publishing date to republish relevant content

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February 24, 2022, 11:19 AM GMT+0

Create a featured section on the website to highlight quality old posts.

B2B companies that want to optimise marketing campaigns by publishing insightful and unique content should revive and republish old content. Republishing unused or “unloved content” can help businesses save cost and time and attain marketing goals effectively.

Assess if the old content is still relevant in the industry or niche, and if it is, remove or edit the publishing date. Updating the old content with fresh and relevant information is recommended before republishing it. Create “roundup” posts with a summary to discuss old content and share the brand’s best work.

To boost SEO, build quality links, drive traffic to old articles, link new content to old blogs. Update listicles with points, items, and information, and edit or remove the publishing date to make old content evergreen.

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