Integrate brand, product and growth marketing to enhance marketing efforts

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February 24, 2022, 3:27 AM GMT+0

When integrating brand, product, and growth marketing, ensure that any modifications in one domain don’t negatively impact the others.

Marketing leaders looking to create the most effective marketing strategy must think outside traditional marketing notions, and integrate brand, growth, and product marketing. Combining these three marketing domains can help marketers influence how customers experience a product.

Brand and drip campaigns can help marketers bolster brand marketing throughout the consumer lifecycle, increase awareness, attract prospects, and develop emotional relationships. Product marketing entails packaging, pricing, and creating accessible features, to share the product value with consumers. Growth marketing is about using the right channels, triggers, messaging, and personalisation to acquire, activate, and retain consumers, as well as convey the product’s value to consumers.

To incorporate changes, like investing in paid media for growth marketing, marketers must assess and optimise strategies in product and brand marketing domains to reinforce integration. Being proactive can help marketers track the changes in each domain across time horizons. Developing a clear and effective marketing strategy can help marketers stand out, deliver KPIs that enhance campaigns, acquire product and consumer expertise, and create a brand voice.

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