Offering engaging content during livestreams can help build brand communities

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February 24, 2022, 3:37 AM GMT+0

Brands must ensure they offer relevant content, feature guests and interact with customers in real-time to build meaningful relationships with audiences.

Along with participating in real-time conversations with customers, brands can use live videos to build strong brand communities. But, marketers must first develop robust content ideas for their live videos. These videos can be educational in nature, aiming at explaining how the brand’s product works.

Live videos can also offer behind-the-scenes content to establish transparency and authenticity among customers. Along with offering valuable content, brands must ensure they engage with their audiences during the livestream, by asking them questions and encouraging them to interact in the comments section. It can help marketers build brand communities with live videos.

Before going live, brands should decide who can host the live session effectively, forge deeper customer relationships and meet the intended marketing goal. For instance, employees handling public-facing roles like email handles or office managers could be well equipped to host live videos.

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