Research content creators, influencers, and their audiences before hiring them

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February 24, 2022, 2:15 AM GMT+0

Assess the skillsets of influencers and content creators to ensure they align with the brand’s social media goals.

Working with content creators and influencers can help businesses grow their social media following and promote products and services. However, choosing between an influencer and a content creator to promote social campaigns can be difficult. While influencers offer a large number of followers, content creators can create quality content that appeals to prospects.

Brands must weigh the pros and cons of content creators and influencers and align their capabilities with marketing objectives. Content creators are known for diverse skillsets, and they can create valuable social media content while saving time and resources. But they lack the mass following the influencers have and might not be a good fit for brands looking for promotional opportunities.

Influencers can professionally engage people and build a community. They have a large following of people who trust their recommendations. Companies can collaborate with influencers to build trust, drive website traffic, increase social media following, boost conversions, and more. Alternatively, marketers can engage prospects by using both influencers and content creators.

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