Utilise Facebook’s native ad features to reach, nurture target audiences

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February 24, 2022, 1:45 AM GMT+0

Features like Core Audience and Custom Audiences can help brands nurture existing customers and widen reach.

Marketers can use features like Facebook’s Core Audience to target audiences based on their location, demographics and interests. Brands can also use the feature to target customers based on their life events like anniversaries and local weather conditions.

The Custom Audiences feature helps nurture groups of people who already know about the brand. Using this feature, marketers can segment audiences into four different groups, based on whether they interacted with the brand on the website, mobile app, or on Facebook itself.

Creating lookalike audience segments with characteristics similar to the brand’s existing audience can help acquire new customers and target more specific groups of consumers. Further, Facebook’s Ad Library feature enables marketers to access current and past Facebook ads run by any advertiser and keep track of how competing brands are advertising on the platform.

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