AIPs, PDNs can help publishers and brands enhance ad targeting without cookies

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February 25, 2022, 11:00 AM GMT+0

Leverage Alternative Identity Providers (AIPs), Private Data Networks (PDNs) and programmatic infrastructures to access relevant data.

Publishers and brands wanting to improve audience targeting without infringing on customers' privacy should go beyond context and cohort, as third-party cookies phase out. Brands can use AIPs to resolve identity resolution problems for ad targeting.

AIPs collect users' opt-in data along with personally identifiable information, like an email address, to create an anonymised ID for first-party registered users at scale. Publishers can integrate with top ID providers for free to boost ad spend and enhance CPMs.

Companies must use PDNs with data clean rooms open to all brands, media owners, and data providers to access relevant cookie-less data at scale. Brands can streamline investment budgets and complicated data partnerships, as streaming user data into PDNs is identical to processing third-party cookies.

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