Brands can use text messages to enhance retention marketing

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February 28, 2022, 4:31 AM GMT+0

Studies show that text messages have a significantly higher click-through rate than emails due to their personal nature.

Though there are multiple ways to keep customers loyal, SMS marketing is a powerful channel because of the intimate nature of the medium. Personalising text messages with the recipient’s name in the body and relevant tags can help brands increase loyalty and boost customer retention. Brands can also use SMS marketing to send users birthday rewards and customised coupon codes, making customers feel valued.

When leveraging SMS marketing, brands must allow customers the convenience of instant text-based answers. They can leverage chatbots that can efficiently deal with simple customer issues. Companies should also have dedicated members who can update answers as necessary or set up time-sensitive responses.

Brands can reduce friction and convince buyers to stay loyal by using automated chatbots and dedicated customer service agents. Further, leveraging geofencing in conjunction with SMS marketing to improve targeting, conversions, and retention.

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