CTV advertisers must look beyond Roku to reach diverse audiences

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February 28, 2022, 5:38 PM GMT+0

Instead of putting all the budget in big and trusted CTV platforms like Roku, advertisers beginning to test CTV adverts must consider publishers like Tobi and Pluto.

With 56.4 million active users and 18 billion hours of streaming in the third quarter of 2021, Roku is the most significant player in the CTV space. Though Roku offers massive benefits, advertisers starting to test their CTV options must consider spending their budget with multiple partners like Pluto and Tubi.

With a combination of Tubi, Pluto, Plex and Crackle, brands can accomplish the same reach across more diverse audiences. Investing in multiple platforms would result in more robust attribution – necessary for optimising and improving campaign performance.

Advertisers must start with a broader array of publishers for the initial testing phase. By experimenting directly with publishers that provide detailed insights and data, brands can find the right approach for CTV. Once successful, advertisers can advocate for more budget and allocate it to Roku and other programmatic platforms.

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