Prioritise customer voice to co-create impactful products for target audiences

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March 01, 2022, 3:30 AM GMT+0

Customers’ feedback about their experiences, expectations of the product or service can help brands improve their offerings, accurately resolve customer issues and gain a competitive advantage.

Marketers need to listen to what their customers say about their desires, fears and problems. They must also pay close attention to the language their customers use when voicing their opinions. Brands can conduct surveys and interviews, and monitor reviews, social media analytics, recorded calls, along with measuring their net promoter score to capture customer voice.

With tech giants like Apple and Google tightening privacy walls, brands are struggling to reach the right audiences and measure campaign performance. To combat these challenges, brands can empower customer voice, and co-create product and marketing experiences with their customers. They should also create platforms where customers can share their opinions with brands directly and form strong communities.

By empowering customers, brands can not only significantly improve customer engagement but also develop offerings that customers truly want. To further demonstrate how meaningful the brand is to everyday users and become a trusted authority, brands should feature their happy and loyal customers in their adverts.

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