Respond to cultural moments to affirm brand values, even if it calls for bold action

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March 01, 2022, 2:35 AM GMT+0

Before jumping onto the cultural advertising bandwagon, marketers must determine whether cultural moments align with the core brand values.

Marketers should identify the event that sparks a cultural moment and gauge how people feel about it. Most importantly, they should determine whether that event matters to their target audience. Enabling social listening exercises can help brands analyse consumer conversations online and find the cultural moments that matter to their customers.

Insights gained from social listening can also help brands determine consumer sentiment towards a cultural moment. Brands can then decide whether they want to comment on or associate with that specific cultural moment.

If a brand wants to associate with a particular cultural moment, it should make a genuinely standout cultural advertising effort, even it calls for bold action. For instance, Calm – a mental wellness app – supported Tennis player Naomi Osaka’s much-debated decision to skip press conferences at the French Open, citing mental health. The app also donated $15,000 to a French organisation promoting mental health through sports and physical activity.

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