Segment and track prospects' behaviour to enhance CX in ABM

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March 01, 2022, 2:07 AM GMT+0

Improve ABM customer experience (CX) to reach prospects with the right information, at the right time.

Create account-based marketing (ABM) strategies that prioritise informing the customer journey and help connect with prospects, while also learning more about their “readiness-to-buy.” To integrate ABM into the mix, apply targeted and focused marketing strategies.

Enhance engagement through segmentation and behaviour tracking to serve relevant content to prospects and align the go-to-marketing strategy with the customer journey. Use Conversation Track Architecture to gather and segment buyer personas, based on behaviour and requirements like pain points and goals.

Groups in Conversation Tracks can then be driven down the funnel, via various activations or motions. Crafting content touchpoints across the customer journey on all the channels and an organisational chart with well-defined roles can help boost engagement and resolve consumer problems.

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