When it comes to high ROI marketing strategies, thinking small is the next big thing

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March 01, 2022, 4:57 AM GMT+0

Brands must opt for niche newsletters, podcasts, and micro-influencers to engage better.

Underleveraged marketing channels like niche newsletters and smaller email lists allow brands to enjoy high open and click-through rates. Identifying social media influencers who have strong engagement but are yet to achieve mainstream success can be a great tactic to engage new consumers.

If customers want to customise a particular product, making the checkout process slightly lengthy by introducing add-ons can increase conversion. Instead of requiring customers to make phone calls or send emails to opt-out of subscriptions, send them reminders about recurring charges or offer an option to skip to foster loyalty.

Companies should make it easier for customers to skip or cancel their subscriptions. They should show customers that the brand is not afraid to lose them. It can help instil trust, reignite interest in the product and nurture positive word-of-mouth marketing. Similarly, marketers must identify which of their customers have not opened or interacted with their emails in a long time and offer them an opt-out option.

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