Gen Z does not like most ads, but they are okay with this content type

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March 02, 2022, 10:44 AM GMT+0

Gen Z – the first generation of truly digital natives – are highly analytic and pragmatic.

According to a CM Group study, Gen Z is more averse to ads than any other generation. This young demographic is more likely than older generations to make purchases based on content-led adverts. They mobilise for various causes, value individual expression and avoid labels.

Gen Z is actively analytical and pragmatic when seeking and accepting information recommended by its trusted influencers. Though they dislike advertising, they are comfortable with native ads and sponsored content.

With 41% of Gen Z’s getting their news and information from TikTok, this platform is emerging as a trusted source of content for the demographic. Additionally, almost a quarter of Gen Zs said they believe successful future brands will be authentic.

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