This is how 5G technology will change the way B2B marketers tell brand stories

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March 02, 2022, 4:03 AM GMT+0

With greater download and data transfer speeds, B2B marketers need to up their game in a mobile-first world.

5G technology will enable B2B marketers to unlock a host of applications, ranging from IoT and process management to augmented reality and 3D holographic experiences for consumers. Most significantly, 5G cellular data transmission will bring a speed increase that will enable marketers to craft more compelling and immersive online experiences.

With this technology, marketers will no longer have to worry about transferring size-heavy digital assets like 4K-and-beyond video and virtual reality-related data. As a result, they can spend more time focusing on the creative aspect of digital storytelling. Additionally, 5G will usher a new migration from land-based data transmission technologies, like fibre and cable, to purely cellular communications.

The boost given to mobile migration will in turn place B2B businesses in a mobile-first position, enabling them to leverage mobile-first search advantages. For instance, 5G will allow B2B marketers to enjoy the SEO advantages of being compliant with Google’s mobile-first initiatives.

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