CTV platforms must be transparent about their attribution to win marketers' trust

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March 07, 2022, 11:32 AM GMT+0

Marketers don’t trust "arbitrage" platforms, as their incentives are misaligned.

Digital-first marketers can now spend more on TV ads, as TV now offers digital capabilities, owing to the shift of consumers towards CTV. However, because of the history of trust issues in digital advertising, being "digital-like" does not warrant trustworthy CTV ads.

For CTV platforms to gain marketers' trust, they must offer a complete understanding of users' journeys and data-driven attribution of purchases. Allowing marketers access to big data sets can help them link purchases to an ad’s time/date stamp and the order ID, as well as bolster trust in CTV ads.

Provide marketing teams with total flexibility on the key elements of the attribution process, and the attribution window. By letting them manage successful growth channels with higher ROAS in-house, CTV platforms can become marketers’ trusted tech partners.

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