Leverage identity graph data, search intent to maintain B2B database accuracy

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March 08, 2022, 4:41 AM GMT+0

With employees leaving workforces in significant numbers, marketers need to take steps to ensure their databases are accurate and their marketing efforts reach the right audiences.

For B2B buyers, the “Great Resignation” is affecting their prospect database with email addresses, phone numbers and names of prospects becoming less accurate. To overcome the issues of inaccurate databases, B2B brands can consider leveraging an identity graph to assemble online and offline data sets from multiple sources.

After building an audience from multiple sources, anonymised data can be sent to demand-side platforms of choice to execute campaigns across devices, social and email accounts. Marketers should also look for data with a high identify graph match rate – the contact-to-contact match from data provider to graph – to deliver greater impact with omnichannel campaigns.

Similarly, marketers should use search intend data to identify prospects searching for the brand’s products and services. Online activity such as search engine queries, repeat website visits and content downloads are indicators of customers being interested in the brand or being in-market.

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