Navigate a difficult marketing landscape by being agile and adaptable

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March 08, 2022, 3:03 AM GMT+0

Marketers must choose creating authentic ads to draw prospects over conventional ads.

While marketing remains a viable way to promote, gain visibility and raise awareness, it has become complicated over the years due to factors like new technology, competition, and more. The rapid growth of technology and tools has made marketing more challenging for marketers.

Adopting new technology entails greater costs, a longer learning curve, avoiding vanity metrics, and other challenges for marketers. Further, brands need to find new ways to create effective marketing campaigns to differentiate themselves from competitors in an already saturated marketplace.

Brands must factor in the fragility of digital marketing campaigns, as factors like AI updates and shifts in customer preferences can derail efforts. To improve marketing, assess competitors, adopt new tools, increase agility, and diversify marketing methods based on strengths across channels.

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