Providing this feature can help brands counter subscription fatigue

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March 08, 2022, 12:32 PM GMT+0

Introducing the “Co-watching” feature can prove beneficial to counter subscription fatigue. 

A Hub Entertainment Research found 23% of US TV viewers used a co-watching app in 2021. 41% of viewers aged between 16 and 34 said they had used a co-watching app last year. In contrast, 23% of those aged 35-55 and 35% of those aged 55 or older have used a co-watching app.

To capitalise on this trend, brands are increasingly paying attention to co-watching solutions. For instance, VisualOn launched a new VIP feature – ShowTime – to their co-watching solution, WatchParty. This feature lets video service providers extend a category of VIP content, in which users can co-view content with their favourite celebrities through a branded interface.

This co-watching feature can also help companies attract and retain subscribers, especially when experiencing subscription fatigue. VisualOn’s President and CEO, Yang Cai, said. However, the pandemic accelerated the adaptation of co-watching solutions and will continue being a part of viewer behaviour even when the pandemic is over.

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