This is why publishers are opting for independent advertising tech stack

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March 08, 2022, 4:25 AM GMT+0

Independent tech alternatives to walled gardens help publishers exercise greater control over data, audience and content assets.

Publishers are seeking to take control of their assets like data, content and audiences, with tech giants coming under the scanner for issues around data use and antitrust. In addition to a sell-side desire for greater control and clarity, publishers are eager to rely on mechanisms that enable them to build closer buyer relationships.

By placing an independent stack at the centre of their advertising approach, publishers can maintain control over monetisation operations and retain data ownership. Similarly, media groups can maximise first-party data for a range of purposes, from harnessing insight as a key differentiator to bolstering direct programmatic deals across environments.

Independent tech offers publishers the transparency to judge the effectiveness of monetisation strategies and transactions. Such insights can then enable companies to accurately identify how much value they deliver for buyers and gain a precise understanding of trading partners and terms.

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