Leverage custom bidding to create unique, personalised model-based algorithms

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March 09, 2022, 2:22 AM GMT+0

With the identity landscape evolving constantly, AI-enabled custom bidding is an effective alternative to third-party cookies letting marketers enjoy contextual targeting in a scaled manner.

Custom bidding strategies empower media buyers to package their own data science and unique insights as model-based algorithms. These algorithms are more detailed and expressive than out-of-the-box optimisation performance settings provided by a demand-side platform – making it more important than ever in the cookie-less world.

With custom bidding strategies, marketers can access a future-proofed identify solution and enjoy choices regarding how they want to target their audiences using AI. While AI-powered custom bidding reaches audiences and contexts at scale, designing and activating such strategies may prove challenging for brands looking to do so with scarce resources.

Companies can collaborate with experienced partners to access advanced customisation options and actionable insights, regarding custom bidding. Cultivating a partner ecosystem can help brands use proprietary data to inform their bidding strategies, optimise bidding and exploit budget delivery to inventory and drive the most lift.

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