Share blogs and articles on community networks to promote them

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March 09, 2022, 12:10 PM GMT+0

To improve search ranking in SERPs, repurpose articles and blogs into videos and other content formats.

Brands that want to promote their articles and blogs must have them rank higher on Google. This step requires keyword research to gather insights on the search terms, SEO optimising content with keywords and letting other websites link to the brand’s pages. Enable content’s shareability by removing blockers, summarising complicated topics, using tailored images, and integrating "link triggers" to widen the audience reach.

Share the articles across social channels, on relevant community networks like Slack and Discord, email newsletters and more. Emailing the articles to people mentioned in the content aids promotion of that content and helps in generating links. Include internal links to other relevant sites and encourage employees to share the articles on their social channels to enhance SEO and reach a wider audience.

Brands can also collaborate with well-known newsletter publishers to promote their best pieces and have their content republished on syndicated networks to boost exposure. Create separate pieces from existing content and guest post them as "splintered" articles, and place ads on niche platforms like Reddit to further promote the articles.

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