Develop cross-advertising strategies as part of PR efforts in 2022

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March 11, 2022, 12:20 PM GMT+0

Small firms can partner up with non-competing businesses to augment advertising and PR efforts.

PR practitioners must collaborate with marketing and sales departments to outline and communicate a company’s best attributes through marketing campaigns. Craft and share brand stories with prospects to build a relationship with them.

PR pros can also get the brand involved in a local charity event or activity to help improve the community while also generating positive attention for the organisation. Implementing a cross-advertising strategy can help brands boost their credibility, build trust, and drive sales.

Create and distribute content across various platforms like podcasts, social media, influencer marketing, and others to improve the customer experience and expand reach beyond traditional media. Ensure the messaging is consistent and aligned with the company’s values to reinforce branding and increase transparency.

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