Industry 5.0 can help marketers enhance personalisation, trust-building efforts 

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March 11, 2022, 4:48 PM GMT+0

The Industry 5.0 production model focuses on the cooperation between humans and machines, underlining that tech advances, human insight and creativity are equally important. 

While Industry 4.0 focused on prioritising process automation over human involvement, Industry 5.0 looks to balance the two to achieve the highest benefits. One vision of industry 5.0 involves humans and robots working together to execute tasks. Another possible idea revolves around the smart industrial use of biological resources to achieve a balance between ecology, industry and economy. 

With the focus on technologies that efficiently use natural resources, marketers can use Industry 5.0 to build consumer trust. Similarly, revising existing value chains and energy consumption practices can make businesses resilient against disruptive events like Covid – 19. 

Industry 5.0 also aims at providing mass customisation, giving clients the ability to create hyper-specific items and experience personalised engagement. Marketers can also leverage solutions like cyber physical cognitive systems to streamline day-to-day tasks and focus on enhancing CX. 

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