This simple hack can encourage binge-watching and boost engagement

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March 11, 2022, 5:16 PM GMT+0

Breaking down larger video content into small, consumable bits can tempt viewers to return for subsequent episodes.

Short episodes tend to make an entire series less overwhelming, encouraging viewers to binge-watch the series. Marketers can tap into this viewer psychology to create attacks around a topic or subject to make the content more consumable. Incorporating keywords and hashtags in episodic content can help boost visibility.

Similarly, brands must also ensure they repurpose their content for their video marketing. Using portions of a podcast or clippings from a webinar can help marketers save time when brainstorming for new ideas.

With virtual meetings becoming a necessity for brands, marketers must ensure they choose the suitable virtual events platform that supports their requirements. They should also host live sessions to show behind-the-scenes content, chat with followers in real-time and offer product tutorials to boost engagement.

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