Use data from on-site searches to improve content creation

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March 11, 2022, 3:19 AM GMT+0

Invest in gathering site search data to optimise users' search experiences and boost marketing efforts.

Data from on-site searches can help marketers create high-quality content that is unique and offers actionable insights. Integrating on-site search into the mix enables businesses to understand how users use language, their choice of words, real-time insights as well as intent data.

Coveo’s Stephen Rahal states, "When users perform a search against an engine, they provide their intent." Marketers can leverage Google Analytics' site search report to organise keywords and search terms and assess user behaviour.

On-site search engine data can also help improve users' website experiences and engagement by serving them with content that is the most relevant to their search terms. In addition, data from site searches can inform decisions like inventory management, product recommendations, and boost conversions.

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