CTV publishers must proactively create standards and a transparent market

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March 14, 2022, 12:38 PM GMT+0

They can take cues from IAB’s content taxonomy to standardise media buying.

A lack of clear media-buying signals for buyers, antiquated systems, and a mishmash of measurement methodologies makes CTV ad buying and expansion challenging for media buyers. Since a majority of CTV ad spend is consolidated among networks and broadcasters, digital native and midsize publishers must adopt transparency standards to attract buyers.

To prevent CTV buyers from "cherry-picking" inventory and thereby impacting volume, publishers should raise CPM costs, and provide access to content details. Developing clear and consistent measuring standards for impression and content placement data can boost transparency in media buying. Publishers should offer universally agreed metrics and share first-party data via a protected data sharing strategy to provide media buyers insights into the target audience. Collaborating with media buyers can help publishers identify new KPIs.

Media buyers can further work with third-party verification partners to assess the CTV content. In addition, with CTV fraud costing publishers $144 million annually, they need to address and resolve fraudulent and technical issues in CTV ad buying via systems like Open Measurement SDK to build media buyers' trust and increase transparency.

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