Email trumps social media ads and SMS as the most preferred channel for customers

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March 15, 2022, 4:35 AM GMT+0

Consumers want brands to approach them with personalised emails while abiding by all data privacy safeguards, says a Cheetah Digital report.

The study of 5,400 customers across six countries including the US and UK found that emails enjoy the most acceptance among audiences. Email leads other online-marketing tactics like social media ads and text messages by a 108% margin. In fact, half of the respondents reported making purchases directly from email newsletters in the previous year.

Consumers are also increasingly supporting tried-and-true methods like personalised recommendations, contests, sweepstakes and exclusive access and content. For instance, expectations of personalised product recommendations are up by 56% among consumers. However, when it comes to privacy aids, the use of incognito browsers is up by 50%.

Ad-blocking software (37%), password generators and managers (up by 31% to 40%) follow incognito browsers. Ads based on users’ location data, tracking cookies used for retargeting and ads that resonate with conversations held near smart devices are deal breakers for consumers.

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