Compared to TV and radio, advertising on podcasts catches the most attention

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March 16, 2022, 2:48 AM GMT+0

A study commissioned by Guardian News & Media finds that 65% of listeners paid attention to podcast ads, followed by TV ads (39%) and ads on the radio (38%).

According to the study, 51% of weekly users of each channel said podcast ads made them want to make purchases from the brand that was advertised. The corresponding number for radio stood at 38%. At the same time, leveraging podcasts in combination with other media increased the overall effectiveness of ad campaigns.

For instance, the number of people who claimed to learn something new about a brand, increased by 34% when podcasts were run along with radio campaigns. The study further found that podcasts make campaigns more memorable and trustworthy. In fact, when podcasts were added to the media mix, trust levels increased from 45% to 63%.

Additionally, 41% of podcast listeners said they are listening to podcasts now more than they were a year ago. The average listener is now 37 years old, with 26% of weekly podcast listeners hailing from non-white backgrounds.

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