Publishers are relying on wire content to retain disengaged subscribers

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March 16, 2022, 6:41 AM GMT+0

Going forward, publishers must ensure they clearly differentiate syndicated content from their own native content and layout their story selection process for readers to understand.

Last year, 49% of digital news subscribers did not visit websites they had paid for even once every 30 days. In response, publishers relied on wire-service and syndicated content to retain light and disengaged readers before they cancel their subscriptions. Syndicated content also helps publishers develop reading habits and offer a range of news, from the world and national to sports and entertainment.

On the flip side, wire content can also confuse readers about who exactly is responsible for the content – the publishers themselves, or their partners. Similarly, readers also do not understand why publishers themselves do not cover such stories.

To avoid such confusion, publishers need to focus on establishing guidelines around the use of wire content. Syndicated content must be clearly labelled to differentiate it from their publishers’ own journalism. Publishers must also explain their story selection process to readers and address their confusions, queries and misconceptions effectively.

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