CTV and digital video are delivered across devices using the same tags

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March 17, 2022, 11:18 AM GMT+0

Leverage content buys from linear to gain access to the premium connected TV (CTV) inventory.

As CTV advertising grows, advertisers need to understand the channel better to create effective digital ads. While CTV advertising is similar in some ways to digital ads, it will most likely be a combination of linear and digital. With granular measurement in CTV, advertisers can track impressions accurately, but factors like privacy concerns can impede reporting.

In addition, despite the exponential growth of CTV, linear TV still has a large audience. To plan, buy, and measure these two channels, advertisers should use standardised measurement and centralised data. Further, given that much of the premium CTV inventory is sold upfront and not in biddable environments, the CTV ad inventory is more difficult to buy.

The CTV ad supply chain is more susceptible to fraud compared to linear, which has a mature infrastructure and its own regulatory body. However, CTV and digital video mostly use the same tags to deliver ads to mobile and desktop devices. CTV is also a complete funnel channel, with more interactive and shoppable ads as opposed to a top-funnel medium.

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