Use brand narrative to offer comfort and stability in a “Zero Horizon World”

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March 21, 2022, 3:40 PM GMT+0

The term Zero Horizon World means that with change approaching people faster than ever, what is considered new today can become old in a short time.

The world needs brands and consumers alike to get used to constant real-time adjustments to lightning-fast changes. As a result, consumers find it challenging to make value-based judgements about things that matter to them. With Zero Horizon making trust the highest creator of value, brands can play a significant role in helping consumers deal with their anxieties and achieve stability.

Brands need to build a narrative that helps target audiences seek comfort, far away from unwelcomed and constant change. The brand story needs to be refined constantly to keep it fresh and inspire consumers. Similarly, brands must use their narratives to give audiences meaning, represent ideals and foster shared identities.

Given that customers today seek to claim a unique identity amidst new choices they make, using narratives to represent ideals can help brands nurture meaningful relationships in the Zero Horizon world. If the brand narrative focuses only on parameters like convenience, flavour or value, the brand stands to lose ground among consumers. Instead, the narrative must highlight the timeless emotional benefits consumers stand to gain from the brand.

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