Add anchor links to CTA buttons to shorten purchase journey, spur conversions

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March 22, 2022, 1:39 AM GMT+0

By using anchor links, marketers can make it easier for website visitors to jump between different sections of a page and find the desired information.

Along with enhancing user experiences, anchor links can also help brands ensure that customers view the most important elements of the page. Marketers can add an anchor link to a CTA button to shorten the customer’s conversion path.

CTA buttons with anchor links can guide customers directly to a page where they can finalise their orders. Similarly, anchor links can also take users to the section of the webpage that features social proof, such as customer testimonials.

If the brand intends to collect leads with their website content, using anchor links can help brands guide users to the next step. Anchor links can guide users directly to a lead capture form like a contact form. Further, turning the table of content elements into anchor links can make it easier for site visitors to see what the website has to offer and navigate the page easily.

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