Optimise multiple variables of paid ads by making minor tweaks

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March 22, 2022, 2:19 AM GMT+0

Compared to organic traffic, paid traffic offers comprehensive insights into consumers' conversion paths.

With paid traffic yielding immediate results, marketers must add paid search marketing to their “T-shaped” marketing capabilities. As opposed to organic traffic, paid ads drive traffic instantly and pave the path for SEO efforts by providing proof of concept at scale.

Brands can also immediately test the performance of paid ad copies, CTAs, landing pages, and more in pay-per-click ads, given that paid traffic is quicker to obtain. Moreover, the analytics provided by paid traffic from ad networks like Google AdWords help accurately analyse the campaign performance.

In a paid ecosystem, marketers can optimise every aspect of their campaign and make adjustments to multiple variables. Further, because all ad networks are designed to understand what motivates people to purchase, marketers can effectively target consumers based on demographics and psychographics.

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