For success in commerce, strike a balance between technology and human touch

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March 22, 2022, 9:51 AM GMT+0

Although AI and machine learning can help solve supply chain issues and enhance paid media, tastemaking and responding to popular cultural trends requires human judgement.

The key to successfully driving businesses is in understanding where AI and machine learning can create the most impact and where the human aspect of decision making is needed. For instance, the right technology can help retailers understand demand dynamics at scale, monitor sales and track supply chains.

Similarly, retailers can leverage technology to connect live inventory to relevant promotions and create symmetry between demand and available products. Machine learning also has the ability to drive incrementality through tactics like audience segmentation modelling and dynamic creative optimisation.

Human insights, on the other hand, is important to identify opportunities for refinement and innovation. While AI might offer point solutions, human judgement can help connect different systems and eliminate silos. Even tastemaking and the necessity to adapt to evolving culture and human desires, cannot be met merely through technology. Instead, balancing between automation and a human touch can help ecommerce brands scale as well as develop meaningful connections with customers.

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