Adopt a customer-first mentality to create a customer advocacy strategy

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March 23, 2022, 3:14 AM GMT+0

With customer advocacy marketing, brands can involve stakeholders like employees, contractors and customers to share products and services in their respective networks.

Investing in customer advocacy marketing can help B2B companies strengthen customer loyalty, increase reach and enhance brand value. To create a robust customer advocacy strategy, brands need to first ensure their products and services offer value to their target audiences.

By highlighting the USP of their products, services, and making a genuine effort to solve their target audience's pain point, brands can encourage positive feedback from customers. In order to enhance CX, brands must also prioritise their customers to gather user feedback, address their concerns effectively, abide by delivery dates and communicate company policies consistently.

Along with building long-term customer relationships, a customer advocacy programme also depends on how well a brand responds to social media trends that can relate back to the core of the business. They should also make sure the overall brand experience is memorable for customers, right from interacting with the brand to finally making a purchase.

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