Aim to deliver clear messaging instead of using site elements that may dilute it

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March 23, 2022, 1:18 AM GMT+0

Instead of placing carousels on a B2B site’s header, display clear messages about what the company has to offer.

As websites play a vital role in customers’ journey, website elements like popups, blogs and more should be optimised. Use Google Analytics or CMS to collect and analyse data from site elements, including consumer behaviour and browsing habits.

While popups convey important messages, ensure they add value, boost conversions and don’t disrupt consumers' user experience (UX). Update and publish blogs and articles with new and relevant content consistently to improve search rankings, educate customers, and position the brand as a thought leader.

Assess B2B website contact form submission data to find the best-performing forms and display information like an email address to generate leads. Repositioning the social media links to the site's footer is recommended to retain site traffic more effectively.

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