Ease metaverse-related consumer anxiety to access new marketing opportunities

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March 23, 2022, 3:59 PM GMT+0

Marketers can use the metaverse as an opportunity for a branding reset and offer immersive experiences.

Before diving straight into the metaverse, marketers must realise that most consumers in the metaverse will be first-timers, who may have their own apprehensions about the virtual space. Brands need to create a narrative that effectively links the brand story, both outside and within the metaverse.

A branded narrative can help ease consumer anxiety, make them comfortable in the metaverse along with linking and solidifying the brand image in both worlds. Given that traditional marketing obstacles like path dependence and scalability do not bind the virtual space, creating novel customer experiences in the metaverse proves more feasible and cost-effective for brands.

Brands can also consider incorporating limited edition product launches, exclusive events and collectables to give consumers a unique social identity. Making users feel special and wanted would invariably have customers revisit the brand in the metaverse, more often than usual.

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