This is why influencers must interact with other users on the ByteDance-owned social platform

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March 25, 2022, 1:04 AM GMT+0

Collaborating with other users and interacting with them can help brands increase followers and boost engagement on TikTok.

While responding to trends on TikTok is crucial to boost the number of followers and gain more views, interacting with other creators on the platform is equally necessary. By liking other users’ content and following their pages, brands can get those users to follow them back and get more exposure for their content.

Collaborating with other users to create content can also increase the chances of a particular piece of content going viral on the social platform. Marketers can even consider sharing their TikTok content on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to expand their reach.

Marketers must also ensure they experiment with a variety of themes, hashtags, filters and effects to create interesting content. But, brands should consistently post content at a time when their target audiences are most active on TikTok, to generate most views and likes.

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